Disclaimer For Mobile Khoga
If you need any further information or have any questions regarding the denial of our site, please feel free to contact us at email mostfiz.smmail.com.
Update The Price
We collect prices for official phones from the official website. To get the official price, we contact our top private phone stores all over Bangladesh. In that case, many times it can be misinformation, for which we should apologize. Because it is human nature to make mistakes. We'll be happy if you find any errors, if you can tell us about the errors by submitting a form on our contact page.

While the product is officially available, MobileKhoga.info usually shows the price of Bangladesh and Global as well. The official price on our site is in Bangladeshi rupees and also in dollars, may or may not be available in retail stores. So personal prices may vary.

Moreover, the price and status of different devices change. We try to update it as soon as we receive the information. However, we do not guarantee that all devices on our site are available at the same price at the same time and their location is correct.

We also do not guarantee that the specifications are correct. Most of the data collected from each brand's official site and some other trusted sources is likely to be misleading on both sides at the time of entry or for any other reason.
Sometimes, we collect phone specifications from information-based websites for other top rated smartphones. We describe the full details of any mobile. We want to ensure customer satisfaction. For this reason, we have created our website in a user-friendly way.

We Are Always By Your Side
We don't name the showroom because we don't sell mobiles.We give our visitors all kinds of mobile information. However, we do not guarantee that the price of our site and stores will be the same, or that you can find the latest phones on our site in those stores.Also, each store is responsible for its own products, warranty, delivery, etc. 

We do not partner with any store or brand as MobileKhoga.info aims to be a neutral, standalone mobile phone information-based website.

Rating Manually 
We always give ratings based on the specifications of the mobile. You might think, we used this phone and then reviewed it. We first look at the specifications and then our writers are given manual ratings on his point of view.

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