The First Early Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review

Of the two new Galaxy Watch 5 models announced, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the one that interests us the most. Not only is Samsung marketing it as an "outdoor" watch for active types, they've also named it "Pro." , as if it packs a lot of extra features compared to the regular model. We don't have one to review yet (we ordered one), so we're looking elsewhere for what we often do with Samsung launches - first impressions.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Thanks to Ray from DC Rainmaker, one of the best in sports watch reviews, we have the very first Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review to analyze. He took the watch for a run to test GPS and heart rate accuracy, as well as battery life. The video he posted compares some of the features of the Watch 5 Pro to the Watch 5, in case we didn't do a good enough job of it earlier in the week.

The takeaways from this early and not-quite-final review show that while the new compass feature may have some initial issues, GPS accuracy isn't bad and performs much better than the Apple Watch Series 7, heart rate accuracy is pretty good, the start is slow, and that GPS battery life is probably Close to half of what Samsung is advertising. Daily battery without GPS is probably closer to 2.5 days versus the advertised 3.5 days. Again, these are all preliminary, first-look numbers that may change in the coming weeks with further testing.

The video also dives into the "pro" features here and has a little laugh at what that means because there aren't really any pro features when you compare it to other outdoor-focused sports watches. And I would tend to agree with that. In fact, Tim and I were joking earlier in the week about Samsung's push for "outdoors" for this watch, when almost nothing about the watch makes it any better for the outdoors than other Samsung watches other than GPX support and backtracking when navigating. These are not "pro" features and the rest of the watch is the same as the Watch 5 It's just silly branding.

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